Thursday, August 28, 2008


A girl I would with there at LDS Philanthropies is getting married in December. We were talking about weddings and gift registries and I was saying how there are so many things that you have to buy after you get married that you don't even think of. So I started compiling a list of commonly forgotten things that are SO useful, even if they are a luxury.

· Basting brush
· Silverware organizer
· Spoon rest for oven top
· Cooling racks these are ours, they stack on top of each other to save space
· Cutting board
· Flour sack dish clothes (they are the best for drying dishes!)
· Tupperware type stuff… these are my absolute favorite:

They are Rubbermaid, they don't get stains on them from red sauce or anything, and the lids snap onto the bottom of the container so you don't lose them.
· Paper towels and a paper towel holder

· Draino
· A PLASTIC shower curtain to have inside your cloth one
· Toilet scrubber
· Plunger
· Shower catty
· Air freshener

We love the Melaleuca fresh rain linen mist. Chris says I should wear it as perfume- its that good

Bed Room
· An extra set of sheets
· Bed risers
· Bed skirt

Living Room
· Vacuum

I absolutely cannot say enough about this vacuum. It is the Bissell Momentum Cyclonic upright. It is the best vacuum I have ever used, I get so excited to vacuum because it pulls so much dirt and hair out of the carpet! Its amazing! I would recommend it to ANYONE, and it only cost $99 which is on the low end for vacuum's now'a days.
· Throw blanket and pillows
· Coasters, nothing is more tacky than drink rings! and we should know we have a ton!
· Curtains + don’t forget the rod!

· First Aid kit (with extra IB profen and pepto!)
· Air mattress for travel and guests
· Ink for printer (especially black ink!)
· Book shelves- people have more books than they realize
· Storage containers
· Nails to hang things
· Tool kit
· Spot remover and wrinkle relaxer

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