Thursday, June 18, 2009

June so far!

It has been a while since I have updated with REAL info about our lives. This is June so far...

Scratch that...back to May for a second.
Chris and I were both sick with the flu for a week in May, remember? Well as soon as I got over the flu luck would have it that I caught a cold! I was achy all the time, lost my voice for a few days, and was up to my eye balls in Kleenex! My nose was so raw from blowing it that one side of my nose literally swelled up! Lovely, I know! At the tail end of my cold my parents came up from AZ to visit us for Mother's Weekend!

For those of you who don't remember this, last year at Mother's Weekend Chris and I did a photo shoot for LDS Philanthropies. Just for fun the photographer took some pictures of my mom and I and said they might use them for next years advertising. As mothers weekend got closer we kept an eye on the ads. When we got this post card in the mail we were super disappointed. They obviously weren't going to use our photos after all.

Well on the Monday of the week of Mothers Weekend I was sitting in class and one of my best friends, Jessie, text me this photo: I was so surprised! As you can see they ended up using the photo on a poster advertising Mother Student Photos! I forwarded the pic on to my Mom right away, she was thrilled!
When she went to class with me on Friday people actually came up to her and asked if she was "The Mom from the poster". She got such a kick out of being a "celebrity mom"!

That Friday morning we went to two of my classes and then met Chris and my Dad at the Rexburg Temple where Jessie got married!! It was the first wedding I have been to in the temple, minus my own. It was such a sweet experience. Their sealer was wonderful, and there was such a sweet spirit in the room. Jessie looked beautiful, of course, and her hubby Devro didn't look too bad either. ;)

That night we went to their reception in Territon; it was "super cute"! (Jessie makes fun of me when I say "super cute...") They had a fun dessert bar with chocolate fountains and lots of things to dip in it.The next morning we went to two "education week" like seminars on campus, and then rushed home and to the Idaho Falls temple. (It was a big temple going weekend, obviously). Since my Dad's dad is a sealer in that temple, he invited us, along with my parents, my aunt, and one of my cousins and her husband, to do sealings. Again, this was the first time I have ever done this. I loved it because it helped me remember some things I had forgotten about our sealing; which, P.S. was almost everything! Our wedding is such a blur to me!

Later that day Mom and I went shopping (THANK YOU SO MUCH for that MOM!!) and then to a BBQ at my uncle Mike's house. We came back to Rexburg later that evening and saw this guy in concert:

He is an amazing pianist from Phoenix. He has toured with Josh Groban and really just blows my mind! I would love to see him again. Click here to hear him play Kashmir, by Led Zeppelin- LOVE IT.

All in all it was a fun weekend with my parents. We were able to meet up with them again the next Wednesday because my Dad was a guest speaker in my Money Management class! He always amazes me with how knowledgeable he is. He did such a great job my teacher had him stay and speak to her next 2 classes!

In other news...

  • I got a calling in church! I haven't had one in almost 2 years, if you can believe it. I was called as a District Leader for visiting teaching and am really happy about it!
  • Chris and I spoke in church on Sunday, both on the topic of prayer.
  • We are half way through our semester! Chris has straight A's as always..., and I'm doing OK too. :)
  • We are moving into a brand new, never been lived in apartment on July 1st! So excited.
  • If you didn't notice, I made that new picture at the top of our blog! It is from our Disney Land trip back in January and I just got it! I am sort of proud at how it turned out; thank you Photo Shop!
  • I am getting into couponing! I am not one of those hardcore coupon Moms who know how to buy 10 tubes of toothpaste and a turkey for $2.05...yet. But I am learning some good tips and have saved same good cash from just looking for coupons online for the stuff we buy anyway.

Until next time...

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Rebel said...

WOAH! That's cool about the advertising! My sister April has gone coupon crazy too! She goes and saves 75 but spends like 12. It's rediculous! M best deal so far was I spent 29 and saved 28!! Lol. Oh well! It's good to hear about you! Sorry about all the sickness!