Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Official!

As of yesterday I am officially a resident of Idaho... I finally got my driver's licence changed.
This is something I have been putting off for over a year now (since we got married) because

  1. I didn't want to take the stupid exam

  2. Because my AZ licence didn't expire until 2053! and you have to renew every 4 years in ID
  3. Because part of me didn't want to admit that I actually permanently live here.

I remember when I first drove into Rexburg with my Mom the weekend before my first day of college and I was absolutely disgusted with this place. It was flat and old and none of the buildings were more than two stories high; I thought it was a complete joke. But now this place has really grown on me, and I actually consider the flat wheat fields beautiful in their own way. Don't get me wrong, Arizona will always be my home and if everything goes as planned it will also be where we raise our family. But in the mean time, "Way to go, Idaho!" ;)


Merkley Jiating said...

I had the same separation anxiety with my Arizona driver's license. It is so nice that they don't expire for so long! If I didn't get married and change my name then I never would have gotten a new license (Colorado, blech).

Natalie and Trent said...

I still haven't gotten one in Utah... I would always say, I'm still a student I don't need to! But now I guess I'm not. Its just so nice AZ doesn't expire forever!!

Taralynn and Kory said...

Eww! I remember the day I got my Idaho DL :( It was sad. I've only had it since Oct. but guess what? They expire when you turn 21 too. So I get to go back this month to get another one!

Pink Panther 22 said...

I had no clue you had a blog! Fun stuff! And I totally agree with you! I still haven't brought myself to give up my beautiful AZ license. It's just so cool thats it's good till 2052.