Thursday, August 13, 2009


Time for a big update on our lives! Starting with July 26th, Chris's 27th Birthday!
I cannot believe my husband is nearly 30! That sounds so old! (No offense to all you 30 year olds out there... ;) ) But everyone who knows Chris knows he is a kid at heart and always will be.
Since his birthday was on a Sunday we celebrated on Saturday. The day started with our traditional McBride birthday breakfast of waffles, strawberries and whipped cream, and opening presents. I got Chris 2 X-Box games. Amazing, I know. I HATE video games, but these were sports games and I got them cheap used from a student here in Rexburg, so I couldn't resist.
For dinner we went out to eat at Red Robin (one of his favorites) and then saw 2, count'em one- two- movies! We saw the second transformers movie and the new Harry Potter, both of which we thought were great.
Here is a picture of us before the movie...
(notice the big blank wall I haven't gotten around to decorate yet...)

Next on the list...
We have another new niece! Brooklyn Joyce Robinson. She was born on July 28th and weighed in at 7 lbs. 1 ounce. She is the 3rd girl in her family, the 7th granddaughter and 8th grandchild on the McBride side, and is our 29th niece/nephew total.
(sorry, no pic!)
On Sunday, August 2nd, we drove to Boise for our newest nephew- River-'s blessing.
(sorry, no pic!)
The next day me, Chris, Denise (my MIL), Cody (BIL), Lyn (SIL), and their 4 kids Noah, Lockly, Lili, and River started our grand road trip.
We drove from Boise to the Oregon Coast and all the way up to coast to Marysville, Washington where Chris's brother Casey lives with his wife and their 4 kids.
Here are some pictures from our adventure!

The view from our hotel in Oregon

Sharing a room with your MIL isn't exactly romantic... :) But we definitely got to know each other better and that I am very happy about.

Everything is so green!

This scary 18-wheeler was following us!

Yes Twilight fans, its true- we stayed a night in FORKS, WA!


Me, Noah, Lockly, and Chris


Marien (Casey and Heather's only girl)

Chase (LOVE THIS PIC! What a face!)

The Seattle skyline

Crazy troll statue under a bridge... his eye is a disco ball and that is a VW bug under his hand!

Space needle

Chris with Captain Obama

Me and my homies... ;)

Pike's Market

The first Starbucks


In WA they have George Washington's silhouette on all the the freeway signs, kinda weird

Again for the Twilight fans... in Seattle there was Edward's on 5th right next door to cafe Bella! Sorry its hard to see- I took the pic out the car window while we were driving...

I started calling these silly tree's "the Dr. Suess" trees. Aren't' they funny looking?
All in all it was a fun trip! We got to see a lot of beautiful things and got to spend lots of quality time with family. I am making a trip down to Mesa next week, but besides that the rest of our summer will be pretty relaxing with just work and getting ready for a new semester in September.

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