Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grandparent Love

I was feeling the love from both sets of my grandparents yesterday and thought I would share.

Last night we went down to Idaho Falls to run a few errands and stopped by my grandparents house to pick up some peaches my grandma had ordered for me. They are so good to us. They made sure I had all of the bottles, rings, and lids (for canning) I could ever need. They took us out to their garden and loaded us up with onions and tons of yummy tomatoes. and on top of that they made us dinner and we watched the first half of the Boise State game with them. It was nice to be pampered-- I don't know if pampered is the right word-- but have someone help you out.

After we got back from Idaho Falls I checked my e-mail and found I had an email from my Grandma Pyper (they are on their 3rd mission in Japan).
This is the letter:

Dear Tara,

I just made Hangburger soup in hopes you would stop by. Oh, well, I guess some other time. Grandpa and I will have to eat this for a week now. I always think of you when ever I make it.

Give Chris a big hug from us.

Love, Grandma

It literally brought tears to my eyes. My grandma's hanguber (hamburger) soup is one of my favorite things of all time and she makes it for us EVERY TIME we come over, and it means the world to me. I thought this was such a sweet little note, it meant a lot to me.

I love my Grandparents. <3

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