Saturday, October 17, 2009


We discovered Wing Street from Pizza Hut.
Honey BBQ.
We will be repeat offenders for sure.

I made and bottled peach jelly for the first time.
I have already eaten 1 jar by myself, enough said.


and AFTER:

Chris and I are so happy with how this new dresser turned out! It was given to us by a friend to moved out of state and after a few coats of paint and new hardware we are LOVIN it!
THANK YOU CHRIS for all your help!!! (He did most of the dirty work!)

This was a fun 15 min. project I copied from a blog I found.
I would normally link to it, but I can't find it!!
This was just a cereal box I cut and taped paper and a label to.
Perfect for all of those Ensigns and other magazines I will never throw away!
And finally...
My work had a dutch-oven cookout for the students and their spouses (like 2 months ago!)
This is a fun picture I took and never got around to posting!
Thanks for putting it together, Stephanie!!


Rebel said...

That dresser looks awesome Tara! I bought my own mod podge and tile cutter to make my wall hangings! So excited!

Rachel said...

Peach jelly recipe please! Sounds delicious. That's the best when you can fix up something old like the dresser and make it useable and cute!

Rachel said...

So last night I got this idea to do a saturday lunch at my house some time with all the girls in the family that live close by (You, Sarah, Carrie, Cindy, Tanya, Jan, Grandma,etc.) Would you want to come and do you think we could get everyone together? I have to keep reminding myself that you are right there in Rexburg because it feels like you're far away since I never see you! Any ways, let me know what you think.