Monday, November 30, 2009


Around 7pm tonight Chris came home from work. I was surprised to see him because he was scheduled to work until 11 tonight. Well turns out he got sick and tossed his cookies while on the job. He told his supervisor what happened (and obviously that he needed to leave because he was feeling super nauseous still) and guess what happened?

They told him that if he left he would be written up!

Are you freaking kidding me?!

This is the same penalty for people who don't show up at all!

Do you want him to get sick all over the place?
Do you want him to get other people sick too?

This company makes me so mad I could scream.

Chris left anyway.
which is exactly what he should have done.

What kind of ridiculous company is this?? GAH!


Trent said...

that is ridiculous!!!!!!
Trent's job MAKES him come home if he does that at work. Even if he feels fine. Its a requirement especially with everything that is going around. I cannot even believe them. If there is a petition for Chris: I will sign!

Trent said...

ps, that was from Natalie, oops!

Rachel said...

Tell Sarah. She hates them. I really can't say I miss it either. That is absolutely ridiculous!