Tuesday, January 5, 2010

whats new...

It feels like it has been ages since I posted last! I have so much to tell!

We spent a wonderful Christmas in Arizona, here are the highlights:
  • surprising the family by showing up 2 days early
  • 80 degree weather
  • pedicures
  • listening to my mom play flute and my dad teach Sunday School in church
  • playing games almost every night with my parents (Bananagram & Blockus!)
  • making a 3 year old gingerbread house with a glue gun!
  • playing with 3 sweet nieces
  • eating holiday treats
  • seeing The Blind Side
  • Pei Wei with high school friends
  • Mario on wii with Tori and Josh- how many times did I hear, "Stop jumping on my head!" or "Did you just eat me?!" or "Sorry, I didn't mean to kill you..."
  • and most of all being home, feeling happy and and being with the ones we love.

New Years was pretty uneventful, Chris worked until 11pm and then we just welcomed in the new year by watching the ball drop and drinking Martinelli's.

Yesterday we celebrated my 22nd birthday- I'm getting old! It was a wonderful day, here are the highlights:

  • Birthday breakfast (waffles with strawberries and whip cream) *thanks Chris!
  • Getting flowers and being sung to at work *thanks LDS P!
  • Having a balloon bouquet delivered to me (also at work) *thanks mom and dad!
  • Having lunch with the hubby and my uncle and cousin who I hadn't seen in at least 8 years
  • Frozen yogurt at Twizzle Berry- SO GOOD!
  • Getting to wear one of my new birthday sweaters *thanks Forever 21 :) and Chris!!

oh and something that was NOT a highlight:
  • Seeing AVATAR. ugh. I don't even like thinking about it. The story line wasn't terrible, but it lasted almost 3 hours, it was super violent, and it made humans the enemy. I felt so conflicted because they make you love these giant blue people who are being killed by humans, but I didn't like seeing all of the human soldiers die because I am really sensitive when it comes to military. So yeah, I wasn't a fan.

And last but not least, today was the first day of (hopefully) our last semester! YAY! I will be so happy to be done with school! Just 94 days left... but who's counting?!

Till next time,


nic and allison said...

Jealous you got to go to 80 degree weather. Happy that you had a happy birthday. Your sweater is super cute. I have no desire either to see Avatar. Ugh is right. PS how do you have such a cute signature? Teach me!

The McBride Family said...

Sounds like a great Christmas, great Birthday, and a pretty good New Years! :) Ummm and totally jealous of bananagram and being with the nieces! :)