Friday, March 19, 2010

Graduating, Grad School, and Moving!

It feels like its been a while since I have written anything significant, plus I am tired of seeing that gum photo thing whenever I come to the blog... so here is an update for you!

  • Chris is in the process of applying to pharmacy school at Idaho State. After sending in his transcripts, letters of recommendation, application and all that jazz, he was invited to interview! We were so excited that he made it through the first elimination. He interviewed on the 9th and now we are just waiting to hear the news! They said we should know the first week in April.
  • Here are the numbers: 500-600 people apply, they interview around 160, and 70 get in. Of those 70, 75% are Idaho residents. So he made it through the largest cut, and being a resident is in our favor... fingers crossed!!!

  • We are GRADUATING 3 weeks from today! I can't believe we are done! It doesn't feel real at all, its such a weird feeling knowing I will never take another class.
  • Since we're graduating we are moving away from Rexburg! I feel so conflicted about this because I am ready to get be done and move on with life, but honestly this has been home for us the past 4 years, and the only place we have lived since being married (living out of hotels for 4 months in Louisiana doesn't count!) I have a feeling I am going to be very sad when we drive away for the last time.
  • Rexburgians- we are selling our apartment contract! So if you are looking to move or know someone who is, let me know!!! Our apartment is less than a year old, has high ceilings, granite counter tops in the kitchen and bath and rent ($635) includes cable and Internet!! We really love our place and hate to move, but we have nothing holding us in Rexburg anymore.
  • So yes, we're moving, but we don't know where to yet because of Pharm school! If he is accepted we will either be moving to Boise or somewhere between Pocatello and Idaho Falls (maybe Blackfoot?) and if he isn't accepted we might move to Boise or we might move back to Arizona! Its such a tough spot to be in right now because since we don't know where we are moving we can't look for housing, apply for jobs, or even transfer our mail!! I am such a planner so this is super hard for me!! I can't believe our future will be held in an envelope in our mailbox in 2 weeks!!! gah!!

I will keep you all posted with our plans as they happen in the next month!

Oh yeah, and I have lots of sewing/quilting projects in the works, so look forward to that too! :)

and for good measure, learn how to make Grandma Betty's Nacogdoches cake from last weeks Food Friday!!

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Kelsi Fullmer said...

You are so cute! That is sad you are moving but that is great that you 2 are almost done! How good that must feel! If you move to blackfoot you can shop at kesler's market ;)

Courtney Bartlett Morris said...

Haha! too cute tara. I am jealous that you guys are graduating.. but totally know how you feel about leaving rexburg! I always say I can't wait to get out of here but once it happens I know I will be sad!

The McBride Family said...

Wow that's crazy that you are DONE!! You could always move to GA!! HAHA! I know what you mean about planning so hopefully you will know soon and things will go smooth!!!

Rachel said...

I remember feeling exactly the same way you do! I complained about living in Rexburg, but was a little sentimental when we left. When I came back for Sarah's wedding and left Ty in Fresno, CA it felt so good to back, so safe compared to where we were living! It takes time to realize you're really done with school and no more classes. Good luck with everything! At least the in between stage of not knowing where you'll end up shouldn't last too much longer! That was stressful to me too.
Cute blog header too! Love it.