Friday, April 23, 2010

Did you hear about the Andrus's?

Here is what has been going on with us since we graduated...

I sent out half a dozen or so resumes to different places in Boise, mostly non-profits. I saw a position posted online for an Executive Assistant position with Scentsy. It was full-time, full-benefits and required a 4-year degree so I figures I may as well apply. Not 2 minutes after I sent my resume in Scentsy's HR department called. She said they were looking for someone with more assistant experience but they saw that my degree was in Communications and she asked if I wanted her to pass my resume along to their Communications department. I said, yes, sure, but wasn't really hopeful that anything would come of it because there weren't any comm positions posted. Well later that day she called me back and asked if I would do a breakfast interview with their Vice President of Communications. Um, yes please!

So we drove out to Boise the next day and stayed with Cody and Lyn (and their 4 sick babies!) The interview went really well and the boss man was super nice. I had another interview with a non-profit the next day which also went really well but I could tell that the job just wasn't for me.

While we were in Boise we also signed a lease on a new apartment! This place is a little smaller than what we're in now (square footage wise) but has a lot of great upgrades like stainless appliances, hardwood floors and a balcony (so of course Chris wants a grill now...)

So we came home and a day later I got a call from Scentsy offering me a job as a Public Relations Associate! Yay! I was so excited and feel so blessed. Jobs are hard to come by as it is, so to get a job offer less than a week after I graduate with a job in my field and with a company I actually want to work for... its amazing.

So while this is all happening we both got bad colds from our nieces and nephews we think. Since I was starting work on Monday I drove out on my own Sunday night (I know its only 4 1/2 hours away, but that's the longest I have driven alone and I was dang proud of myself !) Work was good, but I wasn't feeling fantastic, just achy and my nose was running like crazy. Well Tuesday morning I woke up and had NO VOICE and get this... PINK EYE!!

Of course this would happen to me on my second day of work in my first real job! Ah! So I tried calling in to HR to tell them but they couldn't even understand me because of my freaky voice so my BIL Cody talked to them. I got into a doctor in Meridian and he confirmed my virus and pink eye. He said I was very contagious and couldn't go back to work until Monday. GREAT.

So I drove back to Rexburg that night and Chris and I have been laying around sick ever since! I am actually starting to feel a lot better today (and my voice has more or less returned!) and so I've been working on getting us moved. The new tenants are moving into our apartment on Wednesday so Chris and his Dad are going to move us out on Tuesday. Unfortunately we can't get into our new place until the 7th! BOO. So we are will be bumming off family for a bit until then.

I'll be back to work Monday to give it another go. Wish us luck!


Partridge Family said...

Wow! Congrats on your new job! that is so exciting. Bummer about you guys getting sick. If you need a break from family, you guys are welcome to stay here as well. We have an extra room and bathroom.

We are excited to have you guys closer to us. We need some rock climbing buddies, do you guys rock climb?

Taralynn and Kory said...

So jealous...of your job, not the pink eye! Hope you are feeling 100% by Monday!
If/when you get a grill I can give you some yummy recipes! We just bought a new grilling cookbook.

s + b said...

oh my HECK, tara! congratulations!!!

hope you two get better soon!