Monday, May 31, 2010

May in review

I'm sorry for the lack of updates! life has just kept me so busy! Here is a bit of what we have been up to:
  • I love my job-- at times it can be stressful but I love what I do, the company, the products, and mostly THE PEOPLE I work with! With so many new grads unemployed out there (including Chris) I feel so blessed to have an amazing start on my career.
  • We got some AMAZING deals thanks to Craigslis!

  • The executive's chair, table and leather chair cost us $230 TOTAL! What a steal!
  • Yesterday we were called at CTR 4 teachers in Primary! We have NINE rambunctious little 4 year olds! Yesterday was our first day...and church will never be the same again! Chris and I taught Gospel Doctrine in our old ward so going from that to this is so different, but equally challenging! Its fun to get to spend all 3 hours of church together and brush up on our Primary songs!
  • Chris and I swapped holidays this year and I got him the best Mother's Day gift! I got him a golf pass to a golf course in Eagle! The pass comes with 4 free 9-hole rounds, 4 free 18-hole rounds, a bunch of buy one get ones, $1 bucks of balls for the driving range, plus a ton of other discounts. HE LOVES IT! He has been going to the golf course with his brother or friends almost every other day-- and I'm super happy about it because I would much rather him be out golfing than playing stupid video games! :) The best part of all is that I got the card for half price from one of the local radio stations here! It pays to listen to the radio!
  • We are starting to look for a house to buy! Here is one I LOVE, it is close to my work and Chris's school, it is only 5 years old, there is no way we could grow out of it in the next 4 years, and it is in our price range!

  • And lastly, I am getting bored with my hair! I promised myself I would grow it out until I had a baby but I made no promise about color! So what do you think? Stay blond or go brown?


Taralynn and Kory said...

wow, you are a much better wife than me...buying your hubby a golf pass! good luck house hunting!! and i vote go brown.

roadtrip said...

Tara I'm so glad things are going so well for you and Chris. You sound so happy. :) As for the hair, this is hard. I always was jealous of your pretty blonde hair but its cute when its brown too. Where's a penny.....okay brown it is. Haha.

Steph said...

Love the house, love the deals, love both hair are brave to go dark. Someday I might try, but maybe not for awhile. So great to hear about what is going on! Good luck on the house hunt. I am super excited to hear what you decide on!!

s + b said...

you are one classy couple, and i LOVE your hair dark!

Robinson Family said...

ok... my opinion should hold greater value since I'm related.... stay BLONDE!!!! It suites your happy, bubbly personality! Glad you love your job, and can let your hubby galavant around playing golf every other day! :)