Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Favorite Blogs

Hi there!

I just got home from three weeks on the road- 18 days of which were spent traveling the western US for work in this fancy little RV...
More on that later!

I have a work related question for you: I am looking for a new spread of bloggers to review products in 2011, what are your favorite blogs? (sorry, family blogs don't count- but craft, fashion, home decor, mommy blogs, etc. do!)

Please comment! You'd be surprised how hard it is to find quality blogs any more!!

Thanks and stay tuned for an update on the bump!


Allison said...

Hey-- I am not sure if coupon blogs work but hip2save.com and moneysavingmom.com are some of my favs. Can't wait to see the baby bump :)

Sarah and Terry said...

kojodesigns.blogspot.com and taza-and-husband.blogspot.com are 2 that I really like but I'm not sure if the second one counts as a family blog?? Good luck searchin' and can't wait for baby news!

Tricia said...

I like iheartnaptime.blogspot.com and allthingsthrifty.com

Kelle said...

All time favorite blog http://tandsdaybook.blogspot.com. I love the Day Book because it is all about fashion.

s + b said...

oooh, i'm good at this;


if i think of more, i'll let you know.