Monday, June 27, 2011

Hospital Bag

In the days before Emi came I googled a bunch of "hospital bag check lists" to see what I would need to bring. Baby Center has a list, The Bump has a list, our hospital had a list, but they were all different and left me a little confused. So to remind myself for the next baby, here is what I brought, what I did and did not use and what I wish I had brought.

  • Night gown Bought especially for the hospital stay and didn't wear is once because you can't breast feed in it. Super unnecessary. 
  • Cheap underwear Glad I bought them because I used them after I left the hospital, but didn't need to bring them with. I wore the mesh throw away kind they gave me at the hospital while I was there and really preferred that. I had no idea how much you bleed after giving birth! Holy cow! Glad I didn't ruin my own things. 
  • Nursing bra Again, glad I bought it, but it wasn't ideal for me at the hospital. 
  • Nursing tank-top The greatest thing ever invented. I bought one at Target per a recommendation I read online and my mom ended up buying me four more while I was still in the hospital. These tanks are worth their weight in gold. (Gilligan & O'Malley brand) 
  • PJ bottoms I only brought one pair (plus the ones I came in wearing) and had more brought while I was there. I would pack three or so in the future
  • Toiletries I brought minis of all my stuff and was so glad I did. The nurses said they had shampoo if I wanted it but I preferred to use my own. Showering for the first time after giving birth was pivotal for my sanity and I'm glad i had my own things including contacts and make-up
  • Pads I wore the ones the hospital gave me and then switched to the night time Always kind once I was home. Didn't need to bring any. 
  • Nursing pads and cream I cringe at the thought of not having lanolin cream, it was a life-saver. 
  • Boppy Didn't pack it and had it brought, makes feeding so much easier. 
  • Baby Mittens Emi had long fingernails from the get-go and the hospital doesn't give you a file and shorten them, so someone had to bring me a pair of her little mittens from home so she didn't claw her eyes out. I won't be forgetting this next time. 
  • Baby going home outfit no explanation needed here.
  • Socks with grippers on the bottom I read this on some list to have to walk the halls, but they're unnecessary. When I did leave my room, which was rare, I wore my flip-flops. I'm a desert girl, what can I say? Plus you sweat a TON after delivery and socks just seemed uncomfortable.  
  • Camera
  • Lap-top
  • Couple changes of clothes, pjs, snacks and HIS OWN PILLOW ;) for Dad
  • Scentsy Plug-In and Bar! Seriously. I brought it to be soothing during labor and that just happened too fast to use it, but it was so nice to have in recovery. All the nurses said how our room smelt amazing and it got people taking about Scentsy which I love! I will absolutely be bringing this again! (We warmed Luna in case you're curious... very calming :) )  
  • Newspaper! I didn't fill out a baby book (kind of wish I did) but I still wanted to get Emi's hand and footprints and so we had them stamp them on the front page of the newspaper that ran on her birthday! Now it is a keepsake! Will probably have it framed or preserved some how.    


The Bunzells said...

Thanks for all the suggestions :) I was just thinking, yesterday, about what I should put in my hospital bag (I had no idea what would and would not be useful). Your post was just what I needed! :)

The McBride Family said...

So i have to add a suggestion for next time. Those mesh panty things they have are FABULOUS in my opinion and I had a friend tell me to ask for some to go home with and I'm so glad I did. They gave me about 2 weeks worth at the hospital no questions asked. Since it sounds like you liked them too I thought I would tell you.

The McBride Family said...

Oh and I love that you brought scentsy GREAT idea!! :)

Emily said...

Thanks for the list Tara!! It is so confusing knowing what to pack- so you making this really helped me out! :) We are so happy for you guys- I hope our little guy will come soon!!

Dana and Chase said...

love it! thank you for this it helps out a lot with these little babeis to come. i was wondering if i should by a cute gown to wear so glad i have not yet! ur little girl is precious im so glad everything is going great!