Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our (my) First Blog!

I gave in! I don't think I am a declared official blogger yet, but I am going to give it a shot! So here we go....

Quick catch up on our lives: this has been a big year for us! Chris and I got engaged February 1st, were apart for our ENTIRE engagement, and were then sealed in the Mesa, AZ LDS Temple on April 18th. The wedding was wonderful, everything I ever hoped it would be. The only thing I would change would be being able to have ALL of our family there.

Instead of honeymooning we drove straight up to Rexburg, ID. Chris and I have both been in school here since June of 2006. We moved into our apartment (that I love) and jumped right into school. I got a job right away working as a receptionist for LDS Philanthropies. It is a great job with great people and I always have free time to do homework which is perfect. The only draw back is that I have to wear nylons, but eh, what do you do? :)
About 3 weeks ago I got a SECOND job working where Chris works at Melaleuka. I work in enrollments and Chris was recently promoted to customer service. So between work and school we stay extremely busy!
Married life has been great, it has its ups and downs but I love it. We just booked our real honeymoon this week, we are going on a cruise in August! I am really excited! Neither of us have been on one before, and who wouldn't want a week to relax and just soak up the sun? Also, we are going back to Mesa the week before the cruise to see my sister-in-law Monica and her two little girls who live in Germany. We don't get to see them very often, so it should be fun.
Thats about it for me I think, Chris would say something but he is playing computer games... :S

:) Tara


The McBride Family said...

YAY I LOVE blogs!! I'm so excited to keep updated on you!! Myspace and Facebook have become to hard for me to keep up on!!! How special are we that we got special mention on your first blog??? We're so excited to see you guys and hang out with the newlyweds!!!! Love you Tara and Chris!!!

The Lindsey's said...

Yeah!!! So glad that you finally got a blog. Mom was saying the other day that she' going to have to give in and actually start looking at them! She's going to have to keep up with all of us all over the world =). Pretty soon there won't be a single family in the same state (except mom & dad and Josh & Tori)! Tar, I'm not sure about the friends thing. Are you trying to make your blog private? I need to do that but I'm not sure how yet. But if you want to make a list on the side of your blog like I have on mine then I think you click on "layout" and then you do something from there =). Call me later tomorrow and I'll try walking you through it if you need help. I hope we can see you before we move =(. If not, it'll probably be a long time before we will again =(

Robinson Family said...

I feel a little left out... being the last family member to add a comment. I just gave in and created a blog too.... so no matter where we all end up, we can keep in touch. Can't wait to see you guys in June, and then again in August. Love ya!

whokerrs said...

This glob, er, flog, a, clog thing -- blog whatever. It's terrible that I have to learn about my kids by reading info on line. What's this world coming to?