Thursday, June 5, 2008

I was really excited to set up our blog, but then after my first post I realized I have nothing to say! haha, its like if you don't have kids you don't have anything to report on! So I guess I will just have to make another post in 2 years when we DO have kids! :) just kidding...

Chris and I have stayed our usual busy selves. Saturday was the last day of the month so we had "Month End" at Melaleuca. We both worked from 2pm to 12am, or I should say we were SCHEDULED to 12am, we didn't actually get to leave until almost 1! Melaleuca always has extended hours on the last day of the month so all of the slackers can try to get their orders in. It is insane, call after call without a break. I was fine until about 11 (and keep in mind I usually am in bed by 10:30) but then I started to lose it. My computer kept shutting down or freezing and I was losing patience and so were my customers. I took my last call at 11:55. It was a Mexican woman who I could hardly understand, she wanted to ENROLL 3 people. I was literally in tears by the time I finished with her (at 12:30). We just couldn't understand each other, she wasn't listening to me so I had to repeat everything 12 times, and she was giving me incorrect information which obviously makes things hard, and my lack of sleep wasn't helping either. Long story short (too late, I know) I HATE month end.

On a lighter note, we have a few things coming up that we are pretty excited about! At the end of June my sister Tori and her family are coming up to Idaho! We are planning to spend a day in Yellowstone with them, and hopefully they can check out our cute apartment and get a taste of Rexburg. Its nice to have someone visit us for a change! :)
Also, we are planning to spend the 4th of July weekend in Boise with Chris's step mom and brother Cody and his family. I heard a rumor about getting a cabin for the weekend, so that should be a really good time.

On Sunday I was bored during sacrament so I made a few calculations:
I should have enough credits to graduate in July of 2010, which is perfect because we are hoping to move to Pocatello (Pharmacy school) in the fall of 2010. The plan is to have kids AFTER I graduate, and I don't want to be pregnant during a move, so the perfect time to HAVE a baby would be like, October of 2010. so 9 months minus October is January of 2010. That is only 19 months from now! and we would be married for exactly a year and a half, which I believe is the PERFECT amount of time to wait before having a baby. Anyway, I was pretty excited when I put it all down on paper. Chris thinks its scary, but I know he is just as excited as I am to start a family. Its also important to note that I came up with this during church, which is BabyPalooza here. Our ward is a breeding factory, so I get especially baby hungry there.

Till next time!


Robinson Family said...

Yikes!! Sounds like you are ready to have a baby now.... but probably a good idea to wait until you graduate. We are excited to come to Idaho and spend time with you and Chris. 17 days and counting!

Robinson Family said...

by the way... if you get pregnant in jan of 2010, you will be pregnant during the move :)

The McBride Family said...

For not having anything going on you sure have a lot going on!! :) I'm glad Tori and Josh are coming to see you guys that will be fun!! When we move stateside we'll come visit you more often promise! See you in a couple months!!!!!