Monday, July 28, 2008

I (blank)

i am: constantly arriving to places late
i know: I am a child of God
i want: a big comfy couch that I can lay down on and my toes wont touch the end
i have: a wonderful family
i hate: violence on tv, in movies, video games, ect
i miss: daily hugs from my Mom
i feel: excited for our cruise in 19 days!
i hear: people typing in their offices (I am at work)
i smell: nothing at the moment
i crave: an IBue and a doctor pepper
i search: for cheap furniture on craigslist almost every day
i love: my husband so much
i care: about poor animals that don't have homes
i always: put the seat down!!
i believe: "in a thing called love, just listen to the beat of my heart..." (the darkness ;) )
i sing: every day to the radio
i write: on my blog, rarely
i lose: my patience far too often
i win: Chris won me a spa gift certificate!
i never: win board games
i listen: to so many crazy people on the phone everyday
i am scared: that we wont be able to have kids as easily as I would like
i need: multiple hugs every day
i am happy about: our break from school, our upcoming vacations, and my recent accomplishments
i tag: Traci, Tori, Monica, and Brooke

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