Thursday, October 2, 2008


My sister-in-law Monica tagged me, and here it is...

You have to take a pictures of everything here, the only rule is you CANNOT clean!

What my kids are doing::) This will have to do for now!

My laundry room:
I guess its not really a room per say, but this is it! (Apartment living isn't very glamorous!)

Inside the fridge:

So we are basically starving right now... haha But we are going out of town this weekend so we will be eating out anyway (Pandas here we come!)

My favorite room in the house:

The kitchen is probably my favorite room just because I don't have to decorate it, haha! I LOVE decorating our home, but there is only so much you can do in a kitchen and I like how it looks!
The Closet:
Can you guess which side is mine??

The toilet:
I actually cleaned it yesterday so I guess I could have opened the lid but that pretty much grosses me out.

The Kitchen Sink:
Not too bad!

Favorite Pair of shoes:
Flip Flops, obviously! These were the shoes I wore at my wedding! They are super comfy and go with almost anything!

My dream vacation:
Chris and I really want to visit Spain, isn't it beautiful?!

Me in all my glory:Ta Do! I'm trying to grow my hair out again... its not happening fast enough!
and I tag... Staci, Jill, and Natalie!

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The McBride Family said...

You did it hooray!! I love the pic of what your kids are doing!! :) Too cute!!! I was excited to see how you guys are living!! We miss you guys Tara!!!!