Monday, October 20, 2008


So I was perusing Facebook the other day and I see this ad on the side of the screen, I look away, and then did a double take! She looks so much like me! If I was tanner and colored my hair a few shades darker we could be twins for sure.

What do you think?


Robinson Family said...

Yikes! Its like when you meet someone new and they say "you look JUST like ~so-n-so~" and you forever wonder what ~so-n-so~ looks like and if they really look that much like you. Well here's your ~so-n-so~ (but not quite as cute as you are... I like the blonde!)

The Lindsey's said...

Yeah, she totally looks like you! I agree with Tori though, blonde is the way to go =) (although you did look cute with your hair darker too...). You should tell that girl to change her hair and quit tanning and get some longer shorts on and you'll be twins with her!