Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chris is not going to be happy that I'm telling EVERYONE this...

Thursday afternoon Chris got an e-mail about an internship opportunity that fits perfectly in his field (He is getting a bachelors degree in Health Science with an emphasis in public health).
The internship is with a company called CN Resources. Which according to their website is one of the nation's premier child nutrition consulting firms. They help organizations around the country feed children - whether at home, in day care, at school or after school. They make sure that the government sanctioned nutrition programs are being implemented properly. The internship is January through the end of March, the company pays for all of your lodging and travel, they give you $75 a week for food and it PAYS $20 an hour! (and if any of you didn't know, it is hard to find an internship that pays at all, let alone such a high wage, so this is amazing.)
Chris e-mailed in his resume on Thursday and then on Friday after work he noticed he had a missed call from a 480 number. We thought that was sort of weird because that is Mesa. Then he noticed he had a voice mail. It was the company calling to set up an interview! and yes, turns out they are based in MESA! We thought this was crazy so I called to tell my Mom about it and I explained the company and she was like, "Oh, I think that's Rich Crandall's company!" (Rich Crandall is a guy that used to be in our home ward, I baby sat his kids back in the day). So my Mom calls Rich Crandall to verify- yes, its him! He is the president. So of course she put a good word in, and Rich said he would call the interview guy the next day and mention Chris to him.
We were blown away, it really is all about who you know. And seriously, what are the odds, right?
They are setting up an interview with him next week. There is one catch if he gets the job though, it is in Georgia and Louisiana, and they move every week, which means I am not invited. So while Chris is on the road I would be back with my folk, probably working with my Dad (tax season). It wouldn't be terrible, but I would hate to be away from my husband for nearly 3 months, even though it is a wonderful opportunity.
We were up talking about it last night, very excited about the possibilities. Who knows what could happen. Chris may love doing this and may make a career out of it and the fact that the company is located in Mesa less than a mile from my parents house would make a decision to move extremely easy. and if the pay for an intern is 20 an hour I can't imagine that their salary pay is BAD. So who knows... we shouldn't talk like it is going to happen until we know, but in the mean time we are having a lot of fun playing "What If".
and if it doesn't work out... Chris has another internship interview TOMORROW with Melaleuca's Research and Development team. So that could be a fall back, we would obviously prefer the other one.

So we are keeping our fingers crossed that it turns out, cross your fingers for us too!


The McBride Family said...

Okay seriously Tara that is SOOO exciting!! 2 things... 1. if you are in AZ Jan- Mar WE will get to see you when we come in Feb!!! That is an extra bonus right?? :) 2. It will suck while Chris is away BUT you can do it and if you need any help I have a LITTLE experience with being away from a husband for long periods of time!! I'm so excited I REALLY TRULY hope this all works out welL!!! Good luck Chris!!!

The Lindsey's said...

That's awesome Tar and Chris! I hope it goes smoothly. Mom was telling me about it yesterday and it seems like it's all falling into place so far. Keep us posted! (about both interviews...)

Natalie and Trent said...

what a crazy coincidence that its Rich Crandell's company! I hope everything works out the best for you two:-)