Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mother's Weekend

Last weekend was Mother's Weekend here on campus! For the past 400 years, or however long they have been having M.W. it has always been in the Winter Semester which is a major bummer because I am off track that semester and thus have never been able to participate. Luckily this year they made a change so that everyone could participate! As soon as I found out it was happening (which was way back in April) I wrote the date on my Mom's calendar in PEN (this means it is non-negotiable, and is going to happen no matter what!).

On Thursday both my Mom and Dad drove up to Idaho in this little beauty!

It is a 14, almost 15 year old Nissan Sentra and has been in our family for a long time! It was purchased used back in 1998 and was the "Kids Car" for my older brother and sister. When my oldest sister Traci came up to Ricks College (Pre BYU-Idaho) and got married, this was their car. They took it with them to Utah when her husband attended BYU, and then back to Mesa when he graduated. It has been through the Arizona heat, the Rexburg winters, and two rambunctious kids. Traci and her family recently moved to Ohio and left this bad boy behind when they got a new van. So what does that mean? You guessed it! The newly wed college kids get a second car! and we are so excited! Yesterday was the first time we drove it and it was an interesting experience! Its a little noisy and lacks power steering but it gets you to where you need to go! After our quick test drive Chris goes to check out the truck, put the key in, twists... and SNAP!The key breaks in half! The picture is not actually our key... it couldn't be... because the bottom part of our is STILL in the trunk! We laughed so hard, it was hilarious! Apparently this car has a history of eating keys. Luckily we have a second key, so Chris can still drive the little guy.

Back to Mother's Weekend...

My Mom came up to Rexburg Thursday night and was NOT happy with our weather. It snowed for the first time that day! Poor little desert girl. :)

Friday morning we got ready (Mom put my hair in curlers, very cute) and went to school. She came to all of my classes and really enjoyed it! After school Chris and I were in a photo shoot for an LDS Philanthropies "Thanksgiving-Thank You" card for all of the donors! It was really neat to be a part of it, I can't wait to see how it turns out! The best part of the photo shoot was that the photographer asked if he could take pictures of just my Mom and I! He wants to use them in the advertising for next years MW event! How neat it that? We were very flattered! I will post pictures once they give them to me.

Later that day the three of us went to Jensen Jewelers, which is where Chris bought my wedding ring. They were having a special event, invitation only, for the top 100 customers that year. EVERYTHING in the store was 50% off! We hadn't bought me a wedding band yet and thought this would be the perfect opportunity because of the big discount! I get to pick it up tomorrow, but will not be wearing it until December because we are calling this my Christmas/Birthday/1st Anniversary gift :). I am super excited about it, this makes me officially married, right?

OH- and just for going to the event they gave everyone a free 72? inch necklace of real fresh water pearls, does it get any better? LOVE FREE STUFF!!

After Jensen's my Mom and I went to a musical showcase concert on campus, it was absolutely wonderful. I just have to say, I am such a mommas girl. When I go a long time without seeing her I am a rock, but holy cow give me a day with her and I am back to being her baby. She had my crying at that concert, there is something about Moms that just allow you to let your guard down and be raw. I love my Mom so much.
They sang this song at the concert, it was absolutely gorgeous. Check it out.

Saturday morning we went to two "Education Week" style speakers, they were both really great. My favorite was Connie Sokol, she has a few books out and is a wonderful speaker. If you ever have a chance to hear her speak do it! She is extremely motivating and is just full of energy!
Later that day we went to COMIC FRENZY which is like the show "Who's Line is it Anyway?" but mormonized. Very funny stuff.

Saturday night we saw this lovely lady: Natalie MacMaster. She plays fiddle and is backed up by this amazing band that even had a bagpipe player! Their music is Celtic, very much of Irish/Scottish descent. We loved it!
After ice cream (and yes it was snowing while we ate our ice cream) Chris went to bed and Mom and I rearranged our living room! (Pics to come also) My mother is so talented, she has a knack for decorating, I love how it turned out!
Sunday we went to church and then to Idaho Falls to have dinner with my grandparents and Dad. It was great to see him too! I miss being able to just sit down and chat with him. Being away from home all the time really makes you appreciate what you once had. :)
All in all the weekend was great, I miss my Mom already and its only Tuesday!


The Lindsey's said...

Great post Tar. I'm glad the Sentra is still drivable =). Too bad you can't get in the trunk though =(. We had the key broken off in the front door for years but we were still able to get in through the passenger side... You can't get to your trunk at all! Stink. Sounds like you guys are having great weather =). I can't wait for it to start getting a little colder here... No joke.

Robinson Family said...

hahaha!!! That car does love keys! I'm glad I got to share mom with you but I WANT HER BACK! I do love being here close to mom and dad. Can't wait until you/chris, Traci/Rhett get back to AZ and we can all start having fun together. Waiting for lots of pics ;).

The McBride Family said...

Ah sounds so fun Tara!!! I want to hang out with you and your mom too!!! :) Glad you got the sentra and I'm glad you got to hang out with your mom!