Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Day!

A tank of gas in September cost $65
A tank of gas in October cost $35
and today I payed...

The world got a little brighter today

PS. for you Rexburg folk looking for furniture,


Robinson Family said...

I only paid $1.89 per gallon today! Life is much... much happier with gas prices dropping. I guess the actual cost was $1.99 but with Fry's you save 10 cents per gallon when you spend $100 in groceries! (and luckily that doesn't have to be all in one trip :) And oh how sad, and yet exciting to see you sell your furniture.... just a little closer to coming HOME!

The Lindsey's said...

Yeah for cheap gas! We're really spoiled out here. I paid $1.66 yesterday, and I heard other places around town were down to $1.47 a gallon. HOLY COW! I seriously don't remember paying this low of prices in years. Maybe not long after high school- that long ago =)