Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Time!

Its officially Christmas time everyone!
Chris and I put our little 4 foot tree up about a month ago so we got a head start on the festivities!

This big guy is the Fruita, CO T-Rex! We spent out Thanksgiving here and were so excited to see him joining in the celebration! And yes, that is The Grinch he is munching on!


Rachel said...

She is getting married February 20th in Bountiful temple, but she wanted me to throw her shower before all her roommates and friends go home for winter semester. No one will be here right before she gets married, including me since we're moving for Ty's internship. Thank you so much for making an effort to be there! We both appreciate it!

Rachel said...

Hey Tara, I was just looking over your blog and was thinking how sad it is that I've lived right by you for the past two years and haven't taken the time to get to know you. You sound like a really fun girl with a super cute personality and I totally regret not spending time with you! I know we've both been busy with life but it's still too bad, you know what I mean?

I had no idea we had stuff in commmon like going on the same cruise or having both our mom's here for mother's week or education week at the same time! And now we're both moving in a couple weeks for internships. Any ways, I just wanted to say sorry for not making an effort. Hopefully you and Sarah will hang out since you'll both be in Rexburg for awhile longer.

Rachel said...

Oh that makes me sick to my stomach because she already bought it! $1000 that she could have used somewhere else! That is so generous of you so thanks I will tell her.