Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Blog of 2009

Update from last time to now:

We moved! and it wasn't terribly fun. I never realized how much stuff we have until we had to pack it all up and put it in storage! and I never realized how dirty our apartment was until we had to DEEP DOWN clean it! Yuck, what a mess! And I don't recommend loading up a Uhaul in the snow... the ramp gets a bit slippery!

After leaving Rexburg we headed down to AZ. Our first stop was in Beaver Dam, where Chris's mom lives. It was a really great visit! I don't know Denise very well so this was good for me. She totally kicked our butts in Phase 10! Beginners luck! :)

We made it to Mesa 3 days before Christmas, got to see lots of family, did last minute shopping and wrapping, and Christmas was here. In the McBride family we have a certain way we do Christmas morning. First we have to sort all of the gifts out so everyone has their own little pile, then we open in order of age, youngest to oldest. Santa was very good to us this year! We got a very unexpected gift from my sister Tori. She and her husband Josh were planning on going to Disneyland for their anniversary, but when they drew my name for Christmas they came up with the WONDERFUL idea of taking Chris and I with them! So they set everything up and booked this great hotel for us. As a birthday gift my parents bought our tickets, and we were on our way! We drove to Anaheim January first and went to the Disneyland the second and California Adventures the third. It was so much fun! I will post pictures soon!

The Disney trip was also a great send-off for Chris. Yes, sadly he is gone to Baton Rouge. He left on Tuesday.... the whole thing is so SAD. This is our third winter apart, and it hasn't got any easier. I remember last year when he left I just sat and cried, completely heart broken, and my Mom said, "Tara, why don't you just marry him?" Well I took her advice and married him but HE DID IT AGAIN! What the heck people! But on the bright side of things I do get to go out there to visit him at the end of the month, I am counting down the days!


Rachel said...

I have some idea how you feel. I just flew into Portland tonight leaving Ty behind in CA for his internship. The area wasn't really safe for London and I and the apt was dirty. I hate being separted from him and I bawl everytime I have to say goodbye. I'll see him at the end of the month too. So sad, I'm sorry!

The Lindsey's said...

Hang in there! He'll be back soon =). Keep busy, that'll help. I'm sure dad will help you with that!! Or you can come out here and babysit for me. That'd be nice =). and you'd be closer to Chris!

Steven and Brooke said...

:( just reading that makes me sad. stay strong! it'll be over before you know it!