Friday, February 13, 2009

Book Worm

I have always loved reading, but being in school and working so much doesn't give me much time for leisurely reading. Luckily, I am off-track this semester and have had much more down time and have been a bit of a book worm!
First I re-read the first three twilight books and then FINALLY read Breaking Dawn!

I thought it was GREAT. It had a great balance of romance, mystery, and action- all things I love. And it ended well, I don't think there is a need for another book. Regardless to what Steven King said about her (which was ridiculous), I think Stephanie Meyer is a wonderful writer!

When I was in the airport on the way to Louisiana I realized I had no reading material and so I bought this:I didn't love it. But I will see the movie.
Judging from the previews I've seen, the movie is very different from the book.
If you are just bored and are desperate for anything, its for you. But if you want something that actually keeps you interested, keep looking.

When Chris and I were in Alabama a couple weeks ago (and I will blog that trip later, I promise) my sister-in-law Stephanie gave me this book:

This is actually the first Nicholas Sparks book I've read, but I loved the movie versions of The Notebook and A Walk to Remember, so I knew it would be good.
It was a great love story, but very sad.
After reading this book you're going to want to go give your Dad a big hug.
I recommend it.


roadtrip said...

I got Dear John for Christmas last year. I loved it, though I agree it is sad. I'm currently about to start Breaking Dawn! Im excited!!

KAZ said...

I love reading Nicholas Sparks books and that one was really good. If you ever need a good book to read I have a ton.