Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day of Love

February 14th, 2009 was our third Valentines day together. It was also our third Valentines day apart! Chris has always found a way to make this day special for me though, even at a distance. Our first V Day apart he sent a bouquet of tulips, my favorite flower. Last year we had just gotten engaged 2 weeks before, so needless to say he got me a pretty diamond ring!
This year we were going to be lame and buy season four of LOST as a combined gift... or so I thought! That morning we were on the phone and I asked Chris what he WOULD have done had we been together (giving him a chance to say ANYTHING and get bonus points..) and he said he would have ordered one of those candy gram people that show up with flowers and sing love songs to you. I laughed at him, "oh that would be fun!" So since I was just planning on chillin at home all day I was still in my pajamas at noon when my sister and her family show up. They asked if I wanted to go to Costco with them, I said no. Josh, my brother in law, was all, "Oh come on! Go get dressed and come!" (hint hint, little did I know). I never did get changed, and they hung around for a couple hours, I wondered why they weren't leaving to go to Costco but didn't say anything. So lo and behold we get a knock on the front door. Its two High School age kids, the boy in a tux and the girl in choir dress. They had roses and sang love songs to Tori and I. It was so cute! I had absolutely no idea Josh and Chris had planned anything, and I was so embarrassed to still be in my PJs at 3pm!

Thanks for the awesome Valentines, babe! I love you!

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