Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In honor of Patty the Post Office lady..

I had this really great "people are really good after all" experience a couple weeks ago and was reminded of it today, I think you will all be impressed. Here's the story...

I have been working for my Dad since January, he is a CPA and a financial planner- so since it is tax season we are crazy busy and are constantly sending out people's tax returns in the mail.
I took a bunch to the post office (the one one Power and Broadway) one day and all I had was my Dad's business American Express, I didn't have any cash or my debit card, I didn't even have my driver licence. So being the sticklers that the USPS is, they wouldn't take it because it wasn't in my name. I tried "But its a BUSINESS card! Look, the name on the card matches the return address on the envelopes!" but that didn't work. I tried calling someone at the office to bring me some cash but no one could. I didn't know what to do because they had already stamped the stuff, so they couldn't just give it back to me.
So this is what happened: the teller lady next to the woman I was working with payed for my bill out of her own pocket. I couldn't believe it! I was so impressed; she didn't know who I was, she didn't know if I would pay her back, she just trusted that I was a good person and did it!
There really are good people in the world after all! So next time someone tells you all government workers are sleazy or corrupt.. just remember Patty: my Post Office Angel.

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jessmlum said...

Wow Tara! That's suprising and awesome and amazing! I love when God smiles down on us through another!