Monday, March 16, 2009

The Tucson Festival of Books 04-14

This past weekend my mom and I (and about a dozen of her friends) drove down to Tucson to volenteer at this:

It was this HUGE book fair! There were 400 authors doing workshops, lectures, and book signings. Our job as volunteers was to escort the authors to where they were giving their presentation, listen to it, and then take them to their book signing. The authors spoke in groups of two or three in the same genre. The title of the lecture my first group was giving was "Spicing up romantic writing" or something to that effect. So we all thought, "oh romance writing! That will be fun!" WRONG! The title was very decieving... these three ladies wrote erotic fantasy romance. Oh my gosh was this the wrong assignment to give the 21 year old Mormon girl! It was quite an experience to say the least!

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The Lindsey's said...

HILARIOUS!!! I would pay to see the look on your face during those presentations!