Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the past 3 months...

This post is the past three months made of pictures! Sorry the order is all wacky, it runs backwards. This was this past weekend (May 16th) at Chris's best friend's wedding (Andy) in Twin Falls

Chris with his other best friend from high school, Clayton
(they were both groomsmen, hence the matching outfits)

They couldn't have picked a more beautiful place to get married!

Shoshone Falls

The new Twin Falls Temple

Chris loves this picture! Look how tiny he is!

Easter 2009

Coloring Eggs

Moving into our new apartment (We are moving again in a month and a half!)

So much stuff!

Houston, Texas! Such a sweet skyline! This photo was taken from the top of a ferris wheel.

In Baton Rouge, LA during Chris's internship

Playing speed with Chris's brother Kim's family in Alabama

Ellie! What a cutie! She was my best bud this trip!

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