Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Chris and I have been home sick with the flu since Thursday. Even though we have been feeling pretty lousy it has been a fun weekend still. We blew up our air mattress in the living room and thanks to our new best friend NETFLIX we watched the entire first season of HEROES

via Chris's XBOX 360.

We freaking love modern technology :)

Chris' brother Kim and his family were in town this weekend for a family reunion on his wife's side. Since they live in Alabama and never get out to Idaho this is a big deal in the Andrus family so another brother, Cody and his wife and kids drove 4 hours from Boise just for a couple hours to see them. On their way out here they stopped in Twin Falls where their sister, Staci, lives and picked her up for the trip too! So our small gathering of 8 turned into a house party of 14! It was a tight fit in our apartment but it was a lot of fun! (and yes, we sanitized the place before everyone got here...there are no reported casualties yet). Watching Sleeping BeautyCute Cousins

Siblings (Cody, Chris, Kim, and Staci)


The McBride Family said...

FUN Tara (well not the sick part) Travis and I are definately HOOKED on Heroes!! Glad you had a good weekend despite being sick.

Taralynn and Kory said...

Hmmm, I definitely need to look into that NetFlix thing! I didn't know they had TV series DVDs. And how fun to spend time with family!