Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday T.C.!

Yesterday my oldest sister Traci had her 27th birthday!

Traci and her family are living in Ohio right now, so we weren't able to see her, but we still want her to know how much we love her and what a great sister she is!

10 things I love about Traci

1. She always looks on the bright side of things

2. She is unbelievably patient

3. We look alike

4. She loves unconditionally

5. She is a great mom to 3 lucky kids

6. She has the most beautiful blond hair (that I have always secretly been jealous of... mine turned dark in 6th grade and hers was nearly white through all of high school- Not fair! :) )

7. She can play the flute like no body's business even after not playing for years

8. She makes the sweetest little baby bracelets for a good cause (see
9. She is kind to everyone she meets

10. She appreciates a good pedicure



Robinson Family said...

I second that notion.... happy birthday TC! We love you!

The McBride Family said...

Awww what a sweet post!!! Happy Birthday Traci!!

The Lindsey's said...

Thank you so much Tar!!! I just now saw this. What a nice surprise! I love you too =). You're so nice!