Monday, November 2, 2009


The curse of Chris working at Melaleuca is that he ALWAYS has to work the last day of every month. New Years Eve and Halloween are no exception, such a bummer! So once he got done working (at 10pm) our Halloween started. We had a quiet but fun night together.
It started with making a trip through the Taco Bell drive through for FREE BLACK TACOS!! (have you seen those? with the black shell and pepper jack cheese?) They tasted so good plus they were free, so I was one happy lady. After inhaling our taco's (and wishing we had more) we settled in to watch
The Haunting in Connecticut

It was so scary!! If you are in the mood to be really freaked out I recommend it!

I absolutely did not want to be left alone after watching it! I probably shouldn't be admiting this publicly on the Internet but lets just say Chris had to use the bathroom and he ended up having company! :o

Sorry, you didn't need to know that, but I had to emphasize the scariness of the movie!

Hope everyone had a fun and spooky night!

PS. for FHE tonight Chris and I are making homemade pizza! I'm super excited about it! Photos to come!

p.s.s We are trying to spend as little money as possible right now so we are going to see how long we can go without grocery shopping (minus the essentials like milk and bread). I foresee a lot of ramen, cereal, and rice in the near future! Look forward to hearing about it!


Rachel said...

How do you find out about all this free stuff? I love taco bell and would have like to try that for free too! Is the movie good suspensful scary or evil, bad feeling scary? We watched Sleepy Hollow which wasn't actually that scary. At the end of every month it is so hard not to go buy what I need and want grocery wise so goodluck! It does feel good when you know you can survive with what you have tho.

Rachel said...

Oh and Aunt T and Carrie will be out of town this weekend, so should we try for the 14th?

Taralynn and Kory said...

i am excited to hear about your money saving/creative meals! i definitely need to work on spending less for groceries.