Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How to save big money using COUPONS

I have had a bunch of people ask me how I get good deals using coupons and thought I would explain how it works... here are some (hopefully) helpful facts...
  • Since most of the coupons out on the Internet and in the paper are for name brand products (which are expensive) it isn't worth your time to just use coupons in your normal shopping because even after using a coupon the cost of a name brand product is most likely going to still be more expensive than the generic brand product. SO...

  • You have to wait for a product to be on sale! and then buy in BULK, even if you don't need the product right now. The whole idea behind couponing is stocking up when things are super cheap, that way you never realize you need something while making dinner and run to the store and pay full price.

My favorite grocery store deals usually include a CATALINA. A catalina is a coupon that prints after your receipt that is good for a certain dollar amount off your next transaction and looks like this...

The deals that provide catalinas will usually require you to either buy a certain number of products for you to get a catalina (like "Buy 10 participating products and get $10 off your next shopping trip") OR to buy a certain dollar amount and then you get a catalina (like "Buy $30 worth of products and get $10 off your next shopping trip")

Here is a promotion that started Tuesday at Albertson's that I did tonight:

This is a General Mills promotion. You must purchase $30 BEFORE coupons and tax. If you purchase $60 worth of participating items you still only get a $15 catalina, so what you do is purchase $30, Receive a $15 Catalina- Buy $30 more items, use the $15 Catalina to pay- and still receive a new Catalina (this is called rolling your catalinas and most stores let you do up to three transactions in a row).

This is what I bought

(1) Betty Crocker Frosting @ $1.69

(3) Progresso Soups @ $1.69

(3) Hamburger Helpers @ $1.69 11.83

(5) General Mills cereal @ $1.88

(1) Skippy Peanut butter @ $1.99

(1) Better Crocker Cake Mix @ $0.99

(2) Yo-Plus Yogurt @ $2.49

(1) Dove Hair Conditioner @ $4.99

Total: $36.11 (with tax)

I then used $14.25 worth of coupons for all of these products and my total was brought down to $ 21.86! When factoring in the $15 catalina I still have its like getting it all for $6.86!

I hope this (brief) info will help some of you! Questions?

PS. This is where I get most of my deals

and many of my printed coupons come from here and here.

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Burke and Julia said...

Yes that is very helpful. I've wanted to get into couponing but I just don't know where to start.
How do you keep all your coupons organized and keep them from expiring, if you catch my drift?
Julia (Toone) Manning