Sunday, December 13, 2009

President's Club

[This post is way late, but better late then never]
(and sorry for all of the repetitive photos, they're all I had to work with!)
Back in October Chris and I were asked to host and emcee at LDS Philanthropies' annual President's Club event. President's Club is where all of the University donors from across the country are invited on campus for a dinner (or a lunch in this case) to honor and thank them for their contributions to BYU-Idaho.
Chris and I were excited to get to attend the event at all, and were honored to be asked to emcee it. Here are some photos from the event take by the University photographer Mike Lewis.

The event was held at The Crossroads, which is a newly opened student union sort of thing in the Manwaring Center.

LOVE these panorama shots!

Vice President Henry Eyring introduced us and then we opened the event.

After we had our meal, Chris and I were able to share some of our thoughts and experiences about being at BYU-Idaho.

A combined University choir surrounded the entire facility and sang for us, it was AMAZING.
Here they are almost tip to tip.

Lastly, Chris and I were able to introduce University President Kim B. Clark.

He is such an amazing man. This was only the second time I have met him in person and I am just in awe of the spirit he carries with him.
This was definitely an experience we will not soon forget!


The Bunzells said...

wow, what an amazing experience! Were you terrified to get up in front of so many people or what!?

Anonymous said...

Looks cool Tara, but I think you and Chris should have worn a big clock necklace like Flava Flav! I think that's what MCs are supposed to do.....Travis