Saturday, January 23, 2010

100th POST!! and tofu!

This is my 100th post! How exciting is that?! It feels good to know I am documenting our lives, even if it is just to tell everyone that I creamed Chris in Monopoly...

So if you are friends with me on Facebook you may have seen this:

"Tara McBride Andrus does anyone have any good recipes for tofu?" (this is my status, and below are all of the comments)

Christopher Andrus
Take it out of the refrigerator, unwrap it, and then put it in the garbage disposal for 10 seconds on high, add a pinch of salt to flavor.

Jereme Conley
i agree with Chris on that one.

Heather Jewkes Kamer
I'm not sure good and tofu belong in the same sentence.....

Monica McBride
You guys are hilarious!! Tara I'm going to get you some recipes. I have a friend that is vegan! I'll write her and send it your way! I know it basically tastes like what you cook it in. Terryiaki is my favorite. You can make tofu scramble and it's like eggs... I'll let you know! I like tofu if its made right it's just a different texture...

Heather Stecker Andrus
LOL, Chris...are you related to my husband?

Um, excuse me? Why is Monica the only supportive one?? (Thanks Monica, by the way)

Chris had never even TRIED tofu and he just assumes its gross!

Well I have good news to share!

Last night while Chris was in class I made tofu peanut butter pie! (see recipe here)
When Chris got home I told him I made him a special treat! He was super excited to see a yummy dessert in the fridge! We each had a piece of pie after dinner-- and NO, I DIDN'T tell him what was in it.
He said he LOVED it!
can I hear that again?!
he loved tofu?!
hahahaha... I felt so sneaky.
Well later in the night I did tell him what it was made of, he was shocked. He said there is no way he would admit it publicly, but he liked it!!!
Try it! Its was really good. Plus, tofu is so much better for you than the alternatives! I can't wait to try more tofu!


roadtrip said...

Haha, Tara I miss you! It was so good to see you guys over the break. :)

The Bunzells said...

Tara, I thought tofu would by yucky too, but I had a meal at pei wei and it had tofu in it, but it was SO good! I definitely think it has a lot to do with what its put with. Good job being sneaky ;)

The McBride Family said...

Yeah and then I never got you the recipes. I wrote my friend and she hasn't gotten back to me. Hopefully she will soon and you trick Chris again (sorry Chris I'm with Tara on this one Tofu has a bad reputation. it really can be good!)

The Lindsey's said...

Oh I love you Tara!!! That is totally something I would do =). That's AWESOME!!

Steven & Brooke said...

i LOVE tofu.. it's such a healthy filler - i put it in stir fry. you guys are so cute

Rachel said...

That's funny; thanks for the recipe! Now I will buy it since I have an idea of what to make out of it!

censUS 2010 said...