Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

The older I get the stronger my appreciation for my Dad grows. He taught me, and continues to teach me, so much.

  • My Dad is the reason I have a degree; he always stressed the importance of eduction to me. I didn't think I would actually ever use it, but he was right, and I am. My education is something I treasure because of him.
  • My Dad taught me the importance of having a few quiet minutes to meditate and think. Growing up I always had music playing, I couldn't stand not to have something in the background. Now I treasure the quiet moments I can find, that clear my mind and prepare me for the day. Because of he stressed this, I have made it a rule to not have anything playing every morning until I get in my car and head for work.
  • My Dad has taught me to be meticulous. Growing up before we could do anything we always had to prepare... for anything! If we wanted to go out to eat or go bowling we had to "make a few phone calls", make lists, do our research on prices and times. This was so annoying growing up, but I am so glad I was taught this! Now my organization and annal-ness about knowing all the details is an asset to me.

  • My Dad taught me forgiveness. One of my Dad's flaws is that he is quick to speak, often times saying things before thinking them through. This got him in trouble on more than once; but he was always the first to come to me and apologize for things. This taught me that everyone makes mistakes, including my Dad, it made me love him more, it taught me to forgive.

I know these may seem like random things, but they are so important to me. My Mom tells me all the time how I am just like my Dad, I used to disagree, and didn't like that she said that. Now it makes me happy. I hope I can be as great an example to my kids as he has been for my siblings and I.

Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful Fathers in my life...

Especially to my sweet husband, who I know will make the most wonderful Father.

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