Saturday, July 24, 2010

I have been such a bad blogger lately, I'm sorry.

I am even more sorry because I am not going to give a thorough update right now!
But in short...
  • We are buying a house that we are head over heals in love with
  • It is so stressful
  • I feel-- strike that-- I am... so poor. and it's not cute, glamorized, newlywed poor. It sucks. Zero fun sir. But what can you do? It is what it is.
  • I still love my job
  • Chris is turning 28 on Monday!
  • I love my husband so much, he is my perfect match.
and lastly, I was at Sonic the other day and while looking at their drink menu I saw this:

I know its hard to make out in this picture because it's blurry, but there is a trade mark symbol next to the flavor cranberry! Seriously? Can you trade mark a fruit? If I order that is some cranberry man getting .5% of the cost of my drink?? It blew my mind.

That is all.


Partridge Family said...

Tara you are SOO cute! And definitely an inspiration to me. I am secretly hoping that you and Chris end up living here forever (even though you are planning on moving after he finishes school).

Have a Great Day!

Anonymous said...

Cranberry is not trademarked here. It has double asterisks used to denote allergy info in the legal.