Saturday, September 18, 2010

Apartment Living

We are closing on this wonderful little house next week...
This is obviously a huge step in our lives. It marks the end of the "Apartment Living" era. This morning while lying in bed, Chris and I compiled a list of things we are going "miss" about apartment living:

1. how hot our east facing bedroom got every morning

2. the pink glow our red curtains gave our bedroom walls.

3. how our closet door couldn't be opened all of the way because it hit our bed

4. the loud groan our neighbors air conditioner makes every three minutes

5. having zero storage

6. trying to sell our apartment contract over and over and over again

7. the bird poo on our cars (the covered parking is supposed to prevent this, but the birds nest IN the covered parking... so much for that grand idea)

8. getting tons of mail for past tenants

9. storing all of our small appliances on top of our kitchen cabinets (see No. 5)

10. using our office closet as a food pantry (see No. 5, again)

What do/will you "miss" about apartment living?


Natalie and Trent said...

remember how you were supposed to update with pictures about your once in a lifetime experience? You should do that soon :-)

So excited for you to move into your new house!!!

KAZ said...

When we moved from our townhouse into the house we live in now, Kinzy wanted to move back to the townhouse because she had a huge walk in closet there and here she doesn't, so in that case I do miss my huge walk-in closets from my old place, but I do not miss, hearing my neighbors screaming at each other in the middle of the night, the smoke that filled my house every time I opened the window, or having my kids run circles around me while I did my homework because we did not have a backyard. :) Yeah for a new and cute house!

Tricia said...

You know, I actually do miss some things from apartment living! Like having neighbors so close that I always knew it was safe to be home alone. And being able to just call the landlord when something in the house goes wrong (like something has in our house at least once a week since we've moved in- and it's a new house!)

The Bunzells said...

Um, I miss the coziness of a small place, the MUCH lower summer electricity bill, and the memories I made there being a newlywed.

I DON'T miss the heavy smokers that lived under us, and the heavy rotting deathly cigarette smell that came through our bathtub pipes and vents.

Congrats on your new house, it is SO beautiful! What city in Idaho is this in? Can't wait for more pictures!

Merkley Jiating said...

The smell of smoke comes through our vents. I don't know why smokers don't realize how much their habit effects other people. It drives me crazy!

Courtney Bartlett Morris said...

man i'm glad you're joking about those things you're going to miss! I was reading through it like "wow.. this is a really weird thing to miss" I'm slow sometimes..

Kerry McBride said...

I'm glad that you won't have to miss hearing the loud groan of your neighbors -- just their air conditioning!