Saturday, October 2, 2010

Emmy Gifting Suite

I had a great time at the Emmys! It was quite an experience! Stephanie and I flew in a day before the events started, just getting there was an adventure!
  • First our connecting plane from Salt Lake was canceled, so couldn't fly into LA
  • The airline in CA offered us a free shuttle from the new airport to our hotel, so...
  • We drove up to our uber fancy hotel in a bright yellow "Super Shuttle"!! The bell men were looking at each other and grinning like, "Who the heck is this?!" The other guests at the hotel were coming in limos and private cars, haha.
  • It took an hour to get checked in because they didn't have the credit card on file from the company, and we didn't want to give ours because it would be a huge charge. We eventually made it to our rooms.
  • The hotel was so weird! In the lobby was a life size statue of a horse...with a lamp shade on its head. There were three statues of pigs, one in the lobby with a tray of apples on its back, one standing in the pool and one on a terrace wearing socks!
  • The water to our bathtub came from a little hole in the ceiling!

Back to the event... it was so much fun! All of the celebrities were really nice and very down to earth. They all really enjoyed the product and thought the concept of wickless candles was really smart. Enjoy the photos!

Emily (from our PR agency) and I with Seth Green
With Quinton Aaron (The Blind Side)

Emily and Steph with Mike O'Malley (Glee, Yes Dear)

Melora Hardin ("Jan" on The Office)

Melissa Joan Hart and I
Steph and I with Joey Lawrence and his friend
(Joey was my favorite to meet since I grew up watching him; and yes, he is that good looking in person :) )
Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Miss J and I!

Henry Cusick (Desmond on LOST) and his georgous wife
Gregory Itzen (President Logan on 24) and his wife.
They were such a cute couple!

Carrie Ann Inaba (Dancing with the Stars)
Candace Cameron Bure (Make it or Break It, Full House)
Blair Underwood (The Event)

Steph and I with Alex Trebek (Jeapordy)


Allison said...

Awesome! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Glad you enjoy your job :0

Courtney Bartlett Morris said...

funnn! Im jealous you met the gay guy from modern family.. he is hilarious.

Kelsi Fullmer said...

Wow what a cool experience! Can't say I will ever be able to do that!

s + b said...

HOLY TOLEDO! tara, you are like..famous! you MET DESMOND!!!