Sunday, May 15, 2011

Things I want to remember about my first pregnancy: Part II

  • I've been craving sweets for all of my third trimester (I've been eating much more in general in my third trimester)
  • I didn't have to use the bathroom much more than before I was pregnant until around 30 weeks.  
  • I've put on way more weight than I'm supposed to! (see first bullet) I am always surprised/embarrassed when I get on the scale, good thing you lose an instant 15-ish lbs. after birth!  
  • I've been sewing for this kid like crazy! So far I've made 9 burp cloths, 6 bibs with washcloth backs, a set of soft blocks that make different noises, a fabric chewy chain, the top of one baby quilt, and have another blanket, and curtains in the works. Here are some pics, the colors look really dull because I took the pic at midnight when the lighting was less than great, they're all much brighter and cuter in person! 

  • Below are the burpies... I love these because I made the tops out of old tee-shirts I don't wear anymore, two are concert tee's (The Format and The Fray!)
    I still need to make one more block, but one of these has a plastic easter egg half filled with rice (glued and duct taped shut!) so it makes a really great sound when you shake it; the other one make a crunchy noise when you touch it. I used mylar balloons and grocery bags for this one.  
    and the chewey chain! Should be a good teething toy.
     The nice thing about all this hand-made stuff is that with the exception of the washcloths I backed the bibs with, I already had everything, so they were free! Hooray!
  • We had a third ultrasound this week (32 weeks) because I switched meds (I have an intestinal condition) and they want to check to see if the meds have affected the baby's growth. She is absolutely perfect though! They estimate she weighs about 4.5 pounds, which is the 66th percentile. She she is just barely above average in size. She has a very quick heart beat, the highest beats per minute she can have and still be considered normal is 160 and hers was 156. We also learned at this apt. that she is head down now! So if she can just stay that way for 5 more weeks we will be set!
  • On Chris' last day of school there was a pile of baby gifts waiting for him at his desk! His pharm class all chipped in and bought a bunch of things off our baby registry! I felt so loved and I don't even know these people! It made my day!
  • I started getting what I think is RLS a week or so ago, I would keep waking up in the middle of the night with cramps in my legs and have the urge stretch stretch stretch them! I tried sticking a regular pillow between my knees to keep the blood flow even but that didn't work until I switched to a long body pillow which works like a charm! With the body pillow I can keep space from my ankles all the way up my legs and it gives my belly something to rest against. Plus the fabric on the pillow is super soft and so Chris likes it too! 
  • E is a very busy girl! She moves all over the place! It was all kicks for a while, but now she twists, wiggles and rolls more than anything. (Sorry for being all cryptic with the name, you'll know soon enough!)
  • Yesterday we had an all day birthing class, it was awesome! We learned about all sort of different breathing and laboring techniques and different birthing options. Chris was not looking forward to going but he ended up really glad he went! He learned a lot and I know he'll be an excellent coach!I've really had a hard time deciding if I want to go natural or use drugs in delivery. I think walking away from the class I've decided I'm going to (try) to progress as much on my own as I can and if I find the pain unbearable than use a analgesic (pain shot) rather than an epidural. We'll see how it turns out.  
  • Chris finally set up the crib in the nursery this week! It looks so pretty! Here it is... (again, sorry the colors are so muted, bad lighting! The sides of the pumper and the skirt are actually a bright blue, but you can't even tell in the photos)

  • And finally, the belly! These were actually taken a couple weeks ago, but will have to do for now!


Emily said...

You look great Tara!- I can't believe how close we are in our pregnancies! I must say I felt like a slacker when I saw how much you have sewn for baby- I have a ways to go to catch up! :)

I have RLS at night too- it drives me crazy! Maybe I will have to try a body pillow!

The McBride Family said...

Why must you be so CUTE!!!!!!! And so crafty! Makes me want to get pregnant again just so I can get some sewing tips from you! My favorite is the blocks! E will LOVE those! My girls loved tags on EVERYTHING! Can't wait to see her Tara!

Natalie and Trent said...

you look so cute! I am so excited for E to arrive and see some pictures :-) So glad she is growing well and everything is going smoothly. You can do this!

Kelle said...

Super cute! You are an amazing woman. All those sewing projects. This has been a good motivational post for me. Thrilled for you guys!

ERIN said...

Wow! You're belly is so small! I'm 32 weeks right now and I'm much bigger than you. Granted it is my 3rd but still.
I love all your baby projects, so cute! I wish I was that crafty when I had my first. Of course it would have helped to have a sewing machine back then.

amandachristine said...

You look adorable, I wish I could sew without getting frustrated. I have horrible RLS, I got a tip from a friend to take a few antacids at night (like Tums) and the extra calcium helps. It's worked so far!