Saturday, May 21, 2011

help unwanted

It seems the bigger this baby gets the more people feel the need to shower me with unwanted advice and "help."
Today was no exception.
I was at Home Depot picking up some tension rods.
An older (65-ish) man who worked there asked if I needed help finding anything.
I told him what I wanted and he walked me to the right isle.
Totally normal and appreciated.
UNTIL he thought it was necessary to also point out the best path to the restrooms.
"Just in case."

Thanks a lot.

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Natalie and Trent said...

haha. That's not as bad as once a student of ours at the music stop (he is about 40ish) decided to tell me it was reckless to try for a vaginal delivery and c/sections were the only safe thing for my child. He also proceeded to tell me that he is turned on by pregnant he is married with kids. It was so awkward. Good thing he heard me throw up the next week so that turned him off :-)